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people who think steve rogers is a boring character probably didn’t watch the same movies

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"Emerging adults are determined to be free. But they do not know what is worth doing with their freedom. They work very hard to stand on their own two feet. But they do not really know where they ought to go and why, once they are standing. They lack larger visions of what is true and real and good… . Many know that there must be something more, and they want it. Many are uncomfortable with their inability to make truth statements and moral claims without killing them with the death of a thousand qualifications. But they do not know what to do about that, given the crisis of truth and values that has destabilized their culture. And so they simply carry on as best they can, as sovereign, autonomous, empowered individuals who lack a reliable basis for any particular conviction or direction by which
to guide their lives."


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^ this is from another Reality San Fran sermon. I’m tellin’ ya. Get. Acquainted.

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(via yesdarlingido)

Anonymous asked: how do you share the gospel with someone when the opportunity arises?


I think it’s important to engage a person and get familiar with where they are spiritually. It’s important to understand what is causing them confusion or resistance to the gospel and helping them understand the fundamental truths—all of which are relevant to their life. It should be more of a conversation than a speech, and it isn’t a matter of you speaking eloquently, but the spirit moving in them and giving them eyes to see into the mystery of the gospel. 

Anonymous asked: How should a man of God pursue a woman?


If you’re interested in a girl, first consider whether you feel mentally, spiritually, and emotionally able to get into a committed relationship.

If you’re not, dedicate more time and prayer to God and let him continue to work in your life and prepare your heart for when that time comes.

If you are, then don’t over complicate something that’s simple. If you’re interested in a lady, get to know her. Once you get to know her, decide if she is the type of woman you think you could do life with. If she is, let your relationship continue to grow and ask the babe on a date. If it doesn’t seem to be developing naturally, help her out and be a man and tell her that you’re attracted to her and want to take her on a date. If she’s not feeling the same way, respect that and move on. If so, boom—continue.

I don’t know about other girls, but if a guy told me to my face, “I want to pursue you” I would peace out so fast. I just feel like that language doesn’t  exemplify leadership and confidence (two qualities I desire in a man) but it would seem as if he had made a decision I had no part in—it would feel rushed, forced, and overwhelming. Should you pursue a girl? If you want to, sure! But she should be pursuing you in return. There’s nothing biblical that shows that a woman should sit around and passively let a guy wedge himself into her life. There needs to be a mutual desire for each other that gives both people the freedom to reciprocate their interest in each other. I’m not saying to not pursue her because somebody has to initiate it if it’s ever going to happen. What I’m saying is, take a deep breath—she’s just a girl, and if you want to get to know her, go for it! If a man of God is interested in pursuing a woman, his overall goal should be to come along side her and join her pursuit of seeking the glory of God with her by his side. She needs to be along side of you from the beginning. So, engage her not to “get” her, but to know her. And as you know her, she should be equally growing in her knowledge of you. As that happens, you both can determine whether the overlapping of your lives is healthy and beneficial. I hope this helped!


Thylane Blondeau for Jalouse Magazine, April 2014
Photographed by: Stian Foss 
Title: #Born in 2001. 

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